These Top 5 Tips to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer are obviously provided by insidemix96 for those planning a wedding and hoping to achieve perfect shots that capture their special day in a way that suits them. You might not be planning a wedding, but you might need exceptional photography for another special occasion, a website or marketing project or a piece of art for your home and it’s still really important to get the right photographer for you. So, no matter what you need the images for if you want a perfect result then you won’t go far wrong if you follow these 5 tips when choosing a professional for your photos…

I just love how energetic and enthusiastic Marcus Charter is in the clip above. It instantly makes me want to work with him and this kind of ‘click’ moment is something you want to be looking for when you meet your photographer. You need to be able to see that the person you are due to work with is someone who is enthusiastic about the project, who won’t lose momentum and who you feel will put real energy into ensuring that the finished result is perfect for your requirements. So as a brief summary, when choosing a photographer you want to bear these 5 things in mind:

1) Have you researched their portfolio and do you love the work that they produce?
2) Do they strike you as being professional and someone you will be happy to work alongside?
3) How much can you afford to spend and do they suit your budget?
4) What kind of style do the photographers use and is this applicable to the project you are completing?
5) When you meet them do you believe that they will deliver what they say they will and trust that they have your best interest as the client at the centre of their work?